Sex Toys and Demon Possession

A son just sent me an e-mail showing me of what he’s been going right on through because he received a sex doll. He’s being tormented by demon spirits. He is frustrated, missing his job, doesn’t have wife, etc. I thought his heavy disappointment instantly and had to counsel and hope with him on video contact that Saturday morning. His using sex dolls, watching pornography opened the door for demons and sex tones to torment and anger him. Maybe,

we’ve to hear him right before we proceed, “I bought a intercourse doll… Following a time period I began having crazy episodes from demonic tones on my body… I’m  high-end sex doll from evil tones in my body. It feels like a burning radiating and tormenting feeling that is attacking my body. You can find spirits going in my own organs and thoughts of energies and pain getting around my throat, chest, and my back. This is actually bad because I stumbled on the Lord Jesus crying to Him over masturbation and pornography addictions. I was able to stop primarily for several years, but I would give into masturbation several times… I continued to watch porn and masturbate. I never felt the presence of the Sacred Heart again… I lost my job and the pain and pain was therefore poor that I possibly could not work. I never have been intimate with a woman… I haven’t had the opportunity to have a effective long lasting relationship. So never near to being married. Over and over again economically I have been robbed and cursed… I seen voices occasionally too. I couldn’t identify who the voice was coming from. I just reward Almighty Lord for the surprise of living proper now. People over here in the U.S are really bad about understanding what to do as it pertains to supporting somebody with tormenting tones inside their body. They are often anxious when they tried something it might get worse. They don’t need the responsibility.” My Lord!

Sex games, toys, masturbation, pornography and immorality attract sex demons. And you already know that many of these sex spirits are extremely intense, jealous, hard and wicked. They ensure that they anger, keep in chains and fully ruin their victims. Consider the sequence of troubles because of this brother – demonic episodes, problems, torments and weird movements, loss of work, nearly homeless, loss in curiosity and constant relationship, unusual comments and greater and dirtier hooking to masturbation and pornography, etc. Jesus Christ! No surprise, the man started his send to me by having an extract from my article Intercourse Toys: Excellent or Poor? There I noticed that, “The bible stated that those that require for this sort of satisfaction outside the can of Lord are dead. Strolling corpses! Not absolutely all gratifying techniques are permitted.” And that’s correct. Please, is the person going through all the aforementioned problems nothing like a strolling corpse? Tell me. You cannot misuse sex and perhaps not battle with sex demons. And you can’t wrestle with these powerful filthy spirits and however have peace spiritually, psychologically and physically. They’ll sure damage you. Now, envision what millions of consumers of these sex dolls, toys and items are going through every day. They battle with your filthy unseen beings secretly.

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